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African Vacation In Zambia -The Zambezi River

The Zambezi is Africa's fourth largest river; flowing for about 3000km across central Africa. The river hails from a small brook at the upper Northwest corner of Zambia and it then flows via Angola and borders Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and

Namibia Safari

If you are going to be visiting the Botswana area soon, you may want to consider taking a Namibia safari to explore all the wildlife and wonders of nature that the area has to offer. You can also lodge in

Hippo And Elephant African Safari - Luangwa River In Zambia

The Luangwa River, pristine and secluded, is the reason here at Zebra Plains, near the national northern border for the presence of an immense diversity of species. From lions, elephants, leopards, antelopes  hippos and crocodiles, all flourish within this vast wildlife

Elephant-Back Riding Safaris In South Africa

South Africa Elephant Back Riding Safaris - following in the footsteps of the Ancients: Elephants, the largest land animals within the world, inspire a feeling of awe and respect in most people. Weighing up to 6 tons (11, 000lb) and

Botswana Safari- The Dreamland Of Wildlife Sanctuaries

Vast lands... wildlife... well, anyone may have those two in Africa but not absolutely like the encounter that may well be had from Botswana Safaris. This vast piece of land is only one of the couple of where wildlife have

Fantastic South African Safaris

Oh the gorgeous South Africa. Endowed with prosperous tapestry of tradition, vast lands, unequaled safaris…South Africa is genuinely a place for one particular individual who wants to reconnect with nature. South African safaris are dwelling to vast spectrum of animal species like

South African Safari

South Africa is home to rich cultural history, as well as beautiful animals and plants that people from all over the world travel to see. The area is at the very bottom of the African continent, and is home to

Safari Travel Tips

Before stepping on that plane for an extraordinary safari adventure, plan like there's no tomorrow. You will thank your self for being precautious when faced with untoward incidents. Here are the significant things you should consider when going on a

A Luxury South Africa Kruger Safari filled With Excitement

Kruger National Park is situated in South Africa, and is considered one of the better game sanctuaries in all of Africa. This park is the home to 130 different mammals, 114 reptile species, and 468 various kinds of birds. While