Elephant-Back Riding Safaris In South Africa

South Africa Elephant Back Riding Safaris - following in the footsteps of the Ancients: Elephants, the largest land animals within the world, inspire a feeling of awe and respect in most people. Weighing up to 6 tons (11, 000lb) and reaching speeds of up to 40km/hr, this monster of the animal kingdom has an impressive presence.

Whilst the majority of people today will by no means have the chance to come close or even touch these animals, numerous South African game reserves supply the chance in a lifetime chance to do an Elephant Back riding Safari. Imagine your self, perched 6ft inside the air on the back of a 6 ton elephant, slowly producing your way through open velds or dense forests. It is a safari like no other. As such, Elephant Back Safari’s in South Africa are growing in popularity.

Game viewing on elephant back provides you with the distinctive opportunity of acquiring truly close to wildlife that you could normally only view from far off. The smell of the elephants overpowers that of people today to ensure that other animals like rhino, giraffe and buck etc will not be scared off by the scent of persons nearby. As such you are able to get close up to extraordinary wildlife.

An elephant back-riding safari at most game reserves is generally a nicely catered for event including meals and needless to say, the elephant ride. The elephants are ready with a comfy saddle and you’ll be seated behind an experienced elephant handler. An elephant back safari will typically last around an hour and 30 minutes.

Granted, your initial few minutes on the back of this monstrous animal will probably be endured with a lot more than a little apprehension, but rest assured that as the safari begins and you grow to be accustomed to the rhythmic and calm movements of the elephant, the experience that follows will be incredible.

Quite a few game reserves in South Africa also give the exclusive and enjoyable opportunity to walk together with the elephants as you move by way of the velds and forests. Being surrounded by these enormous animals and moving together with them throughout the safari can be a sobering encounter and 1 which is not very easily forgotten. The elephant sanctuary near the Magaliesberg Mountains delivers the opportunity of spending an whole day out with these animals and taking part in activities like elephant walks, elephant back safari rides, feeding and brushing the elephants and much far more.

A South African elephant back riding safari can be a genuinely great encounter. Being immersed so deeply in nature and interacting with such effective creatures is deeply rewarding and satisfying and is an chance that really should not be missed.