Hippo And Elephant African Safari - Luangwa River In Zambia

The Luangwa River, pristine and secluded, is the reason here at Zebra Plains, near the national northern border for the presence of an immense diversity of species.

From lions, elephants, leopards, antelopes  hippos and crocodiles, all flourish within this vast wildlife sanctuary forming a Zambian Ark.

During the dry season, August through mid-October, inland waterholes dry up, pushing wildlife toward the river, bringing them closer to the camp where visitors can have their accommodation.

Like them,your feet will the be the only transport available at Zebra Plains, a reminder that hiking boots are needed.

Walking-only safari camps, like Zebra Plains,are relatively new for African Safaris- and ironically the oldest kind. Seeing the river and camp on foot, you will experience it the way the early explorers did.

Most Safari Lodges are commercial enterprises, relying on several off-road vehicles and guides who radio big animal sightings from guide to guide. Guests get guaranteed close-ups of lions yawning, and trumpeting elephants. Luxury is the norm.

This safari is suited for curious people who want to get away from exhaust fumes and down on the ground. They want to hear dry grass crackle underfoot and smell the earth and see the animals the way they really are in nature.

You can choose walking safari including stays at other lodges to broaden your experience, make sure that this is included in your itinerary. Driving safaris are most popular but several lodges have walking guides. Walking safaris may be frightening for children, so take that into consideration.